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L Ascorbic Acid for Vitamin C Renewal


This fast-acting, ultra-targeted vitamin C serum, often recommended as the “best vitamin c serum for face,” combines a blend of active ingredients with Allantoin and an optimal dosage of 20% stabilized Vitamin C, complemented by Vitamin E. This combination aims to reduce inflammatory responses in the capillary system.

Research suggests that this blend can address the visible effects of rosacea, dark blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and age spots, thereby reducing skin tone imperfections. One of the many “vitamin c serum benefits” is its antioxidant property. Vitamin C creates a protective barrier against environmental aggressors, leading to a more robust, refined, and brightened skin tone.

The vitamin C serum also delves deeper to help maintain skin elasticity and stimulate collagen production. Once absorbed below the epidermis, vitamin C aids the body in synthesizing collagen and accelerates skin cell turnover. This rapid replacement of dead and damaged skin cells with new ones rejuvenates the skin, making it appear brighter and repairing it from within.

Hero Ingredients:

L Ascorbic Acid for Vitamin C Renewal

“Absolutely love this product I use it every day as part of my skincare routine. My skin is glowing and it looks so fresh. I have not worn foundation since I started using this.”

Nicola Skitt -Rotherham.

I use the l’ascorbic acid vit c serum twice per day… I suffer with pigmentation on my face that comes out every year really bad during summer with black patches …. Iv just returned from a 2 week holiday in Turkey and used the vit c every single day and for the first time ever my pigmentation marks didn’t come through…. Absolutely amazing I love it.

Claire Appleby -Stoke on Trent

I have been using the Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C Serum since it was launched. You only need to use a small amount as it spreads really well. I have good skin anyway, but with this serum it brightens it more and gives me a radiant glow. I’m always asked what my skincare routine is and the products I use. I then apply the Blepharobright Cream to finish off. My skin is silky smooth, it feels like velvet. Amazing product.

Mandy Graham