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Medex Balance (Hormone Balance Cream)

Hormone balance cream from award winning LiquidLipo©️

35 out 50 of our initial test cases reported an increase in blood flow in the lower regions/ flushing/ Increased circulation/ colour changes / increased libido.

5 in 50 said it helped with hormonal/ cystic ache and redness of the face.

It is a hormone balance cream applied to the inner part of the wrist (around 1ml or 1/4 tea spoon twice a day)

Helps hormones balance so increases low amounts / decreases high amount.

The bulb and roots of wild yams contain a chemical called diosgenin, which can influence the production of several useful hormones in humans, such as estrogen or dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). Is known to lower estrogen in estrogen dominance.

Absorbing wild yam may be a natural way of promoting these hormones in the body, which could have certain medical benefits.

Wild yam also contains a chemical called dioscoretine which has been shown to regulate blood sugar levels.

Wild yam could be useful in regulating blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. However, the effect of dioscoretine on blood sugar has only been studied in animals so far. It is unclear whether it would have the same effect in humans.


Medex Balance
Medex Balance

Cramps and muscular pain
Other proponents of wild yam believe that it has anti-spasmodic properties, which are substances that reduce muscle spasms.

This anti-spasmodic property means that wild yam might be useful for reducing cramps and muscular pain related to premenstrual syndrome (PMS), for example.

*Natural Wild Yam bioidentical
*Secret herbs added
*Not suitable for those with hormones dominant cancer due to lack of research.
*Not suitable for breastfeeding/pregnancy
*May affect HRT medication but a great natural solution.
*Not intended to Cure/ treat.

60ml lasting 1 month at 2 applications a day.